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La-Z-Boy Contract Furniture | Recliner Options

Our recliners come with a variety of features to support both you and your patient, with options like a side tray and IV pole; our recliners deliver safety and convenience.  And for the patient, features like a footrest and infinite reclining positions put comfort close at hand.

Recliner Shown with Side Tray and IV Pole

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Recliner Shown with Oxygen Tank Holder, Side Tray and IV Pole

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Optional Side Tray Detail
Side tray measures 10" W x 22"H
(When folded down sticks out 4" from recliner)
  Optional Side Tray Folded
(When folded down sticks out 4" from recliner)
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Oxygen Tank Holder Detail      Central Lock & Steer Detail
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Optional Large Foot Tray   Quick Release Bracket
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Urine Bag Holder

  Foley Bag Holder
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Folding Side Tray Table
(When fully extended sticks out 11 1/2" from recliner)
(When folded down sticks out 2 1/2" from recliner)
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Adjustable Head Rest Pillow     IV Pole Detail
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Heat & Massage Control
The Heat and Massage recliners feature three different massage settings and three
different heat settings (97 degrees for low, 105 degrees for high).  Shut-off time is 1
hour for heat and 15 minutes for massage.

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Trendelenburg Feature

Trendelenburg available on all mobile medical recliners
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For list of recliners that these options are available on and for additional options and features please refer to the La-Z-Boy Contract Furniture Price List.

Click here to download Recliner Options (PDF)




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